2009 College Dorm Room List

Plastic bowl and cup, fork, knife, spoon
Coffee cup(s)
Water Bottle
Can/bottle opener
Chip clips - snacks, food
Tupperware containers
Desk lamp – lightbulbs
Bedside reading lamp
Comfortable - Desk chair
Flashlight - batteries
Alarm clock/radio
Wastepaper basket
Milk crates or storage cubes (preferably collapsible)
Under the bed storage
Hangers – lots and lots
Small fan
Drying rack (girls only)
Adhesive hooks, tacky mounting tape (see college rules)
Cork Board, push pins
Dry erase wall calendar/board
Hammer and Screwdriver (or small toolkit)
Laptop – Ethernet cord if necessary
Surge protector
Printer – extra cartridges/paper
Extension cord(s)
3-2 prong adapters
Ipod – fully loaded
Extra long twin sheet set (2)
Pillows – 2
Bed Buddy pillow
Mattress pad
Egg crate
Bed risers
Comforter – lighter weight is better
Laundry basket/hamper
Laundry Detergent, (tablets easy to use), stain remover, marking pen, fabric softener sheets
Rolls of Quarters
Lint Brush – Disposal
Needle and Thread – small sewing kit
UMBRELLA – Yep, even rains at college
Iron – do college students iron?
Vitamin C
Band-Aids – lg and sm
Cough Drops
Hydrogen Peroxide
Door Mirror
Contact Lenses – extra glasses
Shower caddy
Hair styling products, shampoos, conditioner
Bath and face soaps – soap container
Toothpaste and toothbrush – container
Dental floss
Nail Clippers
Hair Dryer
Razor and Shaving Cream
Lotion and Moisturizer
Backpack to carry your books
CDROMs/Memory Sticks
Stapler – staples (not the mini kind)
Pens and pencils
Electric pencil sharper
Paper Clips/holder
Rubber bands
Highlighter pens
File folders
Stamps – Send a card snail mail to home
Paper Towels
Trash bags
All purpose cleaner
Ziploc Bags
Dish soap (sm)
Wet wipes
Tissues – think allergies
Shelf Liner
Duct Tape
28 pairs of underwear
28 pairs of socks (guys)
8 pairs of jean (girls double)
16 shirts (girls triple)
4 sweat pants
Something to wear to a “dressy affair”
Sweaters, light/heavy jacket, gloves, scarf, hat
Boots, sneakers, dress shoes
“Interview/job outfit” – yes even as a Freshman!
PAJAMAS – the cuter the better!
Flip flops
TV – your own, or share with roommate
SMALL microwave
SMALL refrigerator
Dustbuster/small vac cleaner
Air Conditioner – Energy efficient
Curtains – curtain hardware – check with roommate/college
Area rug/throw rug
Cell phone – like you would forget this!
Driver’s License, Health Insurance Info, Credit/Bank card, Social Security/Emergency #s
Posters/art – talk to roommate (consider creating a designer dorm room!)
Pizza – Pepperoni, plain, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, the works!