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Dreaming of the Perfect Dorm Room……

Today, decorating a dorm has become a “personalized” tradition.  What should I bring?  The better question, “What will I need?”  In late August, campuses across the United States will be flush with eager freshman faces.  College students will be thankful to have Mom and Dad along to unload (and carry) their Dorm Room List of worldly belongings!  Here are some suggestions including what you “may” need for college.  Is your dorm room checklist complete?  If not, it’s time to go shopping to prepare for Dorm Room Life! See also Dorm Room Delicious and Dorm Room Recipes.

Fall 2012 College Dorm Room List

Here’s one of our favorite dorm list ideas this year bath towels Highly recommended!  Check them out!

Plastic bowl and cup, fork, knife, spoon
Coffee cup(s)
Water Bottle
Can/bottle opener
Chip clips - snacks, food
Tupperware containers
Desk lamp – lightbulbs
Bedside reading lamp
Comfortable - Desk chair
Flashlight - batteries
Alarm clock/radio
Wastepaper basket
Milk crates or storage cubes (preferably collapsible)
Under the bed storage
Hangers – lots and lots
Small fan
Drying rack (girls only)
Adhesive hooks, tacky mounting tape (see college rules)
Cork Board, push pins
Dry erase wall calendar/board
Hammer and Screwdriver (or small toolkit)
Laptop – Ethernet cord if necessary
Surge protector
Printer – extra cartridges/paper
Extension cord(s)
3-2 prong adapters
Ipod – fully loaded
Extra long twin sheet set (2)
Pillows – 2
Bed Buddy pillow
Mattress pad
Egg crate
Bed risers
Comforter – lighter weight is better
Laundry basket/hamper
Laundry Detergent, (tablets easy to use), stain remover, marking pen, fabric softener sheets
Rolls of Quarters
Lint Brush – Disposal
Needle and Thread – small sewing kit
UMBRELLA – Yep, even rains at college
Iron – do college students iron?
Vitamin C
Band-Aids – lg and sm
Cough Drops
Hydrogen Peroxide
Door Mirror
Contact Lenses – extra glasses
Shower caddy
Hair styling products, shampoos, conditioner
Bath and face soaps – soap container
Toothpaste and toothbrush – container
Dental floss
Nail Clippers
Hair Dryer
Razor and Shaving Cream
Lotion and Moisturizer
Backpack to carry your books
CDROMs/Memory Sticks
Stapler – staples (not the mini kind)
Pens and pencils
Electric pencil sharper
Paper Clips/holder
Rubber bands
Highlighter pens
File folders
Stamps – Send a card snail mail to home
Paper Towels
Trash bags
All purpose cleaner
Ziploc Bags
Dish soap (sm)
Wet wipes
Tissues – think allergies
Shelf Liner
Duct Tape
28 pairs of underwear
28 pairs of socks (guys)
8 pairs of jean (girls double)
16 shirts (girls triple)
4 sweat pants
Something to wear to a “dressy affair”
Sweaters, light/heavy jacket, gloves, scarf, hat
Boots, sneakers, dress shoes
“Interview/job outfit” – yes even as a Freshman!
PAJAMAS – the cuter the better!
Flip flops
TV – your own, or share with roommate
SMALL microwave
SMALL refrigerator
Dustbuster/small vac cleaner
Air Conditioner – Energy efficient
Curtains – curtain hardware – check with roommate/college
Area rug/throw rug
Cell phone – like you would forget this!
Driver’s License, Health Insurance Info, Credit/Bank card, Social Security/Emergency #s
Posters/art – talk to roommate (consider creating a designer dorm room!)
Pizza – Pepperoni, plain, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, the works!

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